RIP The Bloody Repo V2.0 [May 31 2020] -- DO NOT DISTRIBUTE

src\tbr.cpp(516): Playback failed, possibly due The Bloody Repo was committed suicide because lack of attention.

What else you able to do:

It's strongly recommended to visit Blood related Channel in Discord.
If you wish to mod Blood, you probably want to visit BME's bloody page that contains interesting stuff and also get latest patch for MAPEDIT that extends it's limitations.

But if you are player, that wish to play Blood with mods i may suggest you to get Weapons Mod #4 that allows play Blood and any of it's addons with new and cool 22 weapons. For new maps and even addons you can always visit site. If you never played Alone In The Dark addon for Blood, you can grab it here right now.

For some reason you can contact me via e-mail: or try reload this page.

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