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  1. JAN 04 2021

    • There was added a cool Preview Mode feature. Works in both 2D and 3D modes and allows to test trigger sequences, sector motion, sounds (include ambient ones) and ROR sectors in real time. Refer to manual for details.
    • There was added a main menu when you press key [ESC].
    • Added new z-mode that allows to select z direction with mouse.
    • You can move through stacks.
    • Added commands for sector pause/continue motion (modern only compatible).
    • Added stealth dude flag (modern only compatible).
    • Key [K] now working in both modes.
    • Key [CTRL] + [HOME] now working in both modes.
    • Key [F12] now working in both modes.
    • Key [U] now working in both modes.
    • Key [X] now working in both modes.
    • Key [R] now working in both modes.
    • Key [1] now working in both modes.
    • Various minor fixes.
  2. DEC 03 2020

    • XMAPEDIT can load maps from sub-folders (max path is 144 symbols).
    • Fixed that sometimes, when there is sprites in higlight and map autosaves, it could erase the properties of sprites in a highlight.
    • Added geometry import from BUILD map version 4.
    • Added dude flags in sprite editing dialog (modern only compatible).
    • Added commands that manipulate dude flags (modern only compatible).
    • Sectors does not resets their slopes when just picture was pasted from clipboard.
    • Updated hints for some types and dialog elements.
  3. NOV 18 2020

    • The maps that was created with xmapedit are now working in Fresh Supply port. Note: FS users should always stick with vanilla limits (common and xobjects). The reason is Fresh Supply limitations and there is nothing can be done on FS scripts or XMAPEDIT side.

      To make maps that was saved with older builds of XMAPEDIT, just open it in this build and save again.
  4. NOV 17 2020

    • "Fixed" art file version check for files that was created by BAFEd.
    • Max tiles has been increased from 6194 to 9216 (modern only compatible).
    • XMAPEDIT can read shareware version tiles.
    • Fixed a weird bug with high slopes.
  5. NOV 15 2020

    • Initial release.


XMAPEDIT is an extended version of original Blood map editor with fixed bugs such as wrong hitscan on high resolutions, lots of new features and extended objects limits. It's compatible with vanilla Blood, supports modern types as well and includes all the features of PMAPEDIT. It still requires DOS or DosBox to be started.

The manual that comes with XMAPEDIT package designed to cover all the XMAPEDIT features relative to original MAPEDIT, thus if you don't know what is original map editor, you should refer to the full mapedit manual that answer all your questions and covers all aspects of level editing.

The another good resources is a MAPEDIT.TXT that comes with your copy of Blood or BME's web-site.

gradiet shading feature


No special installation required, just all XMAPEDIT files must be placed in the Blood directory. You may have need to configure DOSBox to run it by just changing exe name in the conf file in case if using standalone package. That's basically all the requirements, however take attention to some notes that is good to know:

  1. There was added new key sequences in the editor that may conflict with DOSBox key mapper, so you have to change it by pressing [CTRL] + [F1] or by opening mapper file in any text editor.
  2. XMAPEDIT do support extended object limits (sectors, sprites, walls etc) that also extended in modern ports, but not in vanilla Blood. So, once you reach at least one of vanilla limits, the map will not work in it. Sloped or non power of two oriented sprites is not supported by vanilla as well.
  3. Since XMAPEDIT can correctly work in all 4:3 screen resolutions up to 1280x1024 i personally still recommend 640x400 with fixed size windowed mode in DOSBox because it gives great performance, good picture and perfect font size in 3D mode. It's up to you to decide what is best. Here is some configuration info of my DosBox for 1080p and higher resolution users:
    #  this makes window big enough to work with
    # set this if you have screen blinking
    # this should make dosbox window to fit 4:3 screens
    # set this if you wish to hear the beeps

all enemies in category


XMAPEDIT have a lot of new features and fixes. The following list contains just some of them, so be sure to read the manual that comes with the editor package.

  1. Max sprites has been raised from 4096 to 16384!
  2. Max x-sprites has been raised from 2048 to 16384!
  3. Max sectors has been raised from 1024 to 4096!
  4. Max x-sectors has been raised from 512 to 4096!
  5. Max walls has been raised from 8192 to 16384!
  6. Max x-walls has been raised from 512 to 16384!
  7. Increased board size (PMAPEDIT like).
  8. Added a hints hud for all types of objects and all dialog elements in the bottom of the screen (thanks Seizhak and Spill for writing all the text!). We hope it will help you to figure out things.
  9. Fixed a bug that when you copy x-sector with marker (slide, rotate etc.), the new marker appear in old sector (both 2d and 3d modes).
  10. XMAPEDIT will make unique ROR markers for you when copying sectors highlighted with [RALT] or sprites highlighted with [SHIFT] if you press [F10].
  11. The editor allows to set free TX/RX channels for just duplicated objects, but keep sequence intact. This allows to create new trigger sequences really fast when there is just need different TX/RX ID for new objects. Just press [F10] when have any highlighted objects.
  12. XMAPEDIT have pretty wide range of settings that stored in XMAPEDIT.INI. This file will be automatically created once you launch the editor. Refer to "CONFIGURING XMAPEDIT" chapter in the manual for more info.
  13. Fixed the panning speed. It now exactly like it should be in the game.
  14. Fixed a bug with hitscan on resolutions higher than 320x200! This means that sprites will be placed exactly where you pointing at.
  15. Fixed x-panning / x-offset direction for walls or sprites that are x-flipped.
  16. Voxels now displaying in the editor!
  17. The editor now uses DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender. It produces smaller EXE file size and unbinds it from DOS4GW. Should also give a little perfomance boost in theory.
  18. Video settings now stored in XMAPEDIT.INI instead of BLOOD.CFG.
  19. Fixed input lag when pressing keys and Beeps are on.
  20. Removed various worthless things from lists.
  21. You can load maps geometry from many other BUILD games. Currently it supports all the games wich use map version 6 or 7. This includes such well known titles as: TekWar, WitchHaven (any), Reneck Rampage (any), Fate, Duke Nukem 3D (any), Powerslave (Exhumed), NAM and others.
  22. AutoAdjustSprites() now have less strict rules for painting and sizing. This means that you can paint or resize many enemies that vanilla editor is not allowing to do.
  23. The editor supports vanilla hidden and modern compatible types.

    If you are interesting to create maps using modern features and types, please also visit http://cruo.bloodgame.ru/xxsystem for the the full documentation and map examples.

  24. Added obsolete x-objects detection feature. It automatically tracks x-objects with default properties and turns it in common. This means that there is no more senseless "Normal off" captions and it saves x-objects for better usage.
  25. XMAPEDIT can set counter of secrets in the maps for you automatically.

hints and data field names


Any suggestions and comments are welcome in Blood related Discord channel: https://discord.gg/a84k4wQ

You may also send e-mail to: baitd@yandex.ru

Created by nuke.YKT and NoOne. For full Blood with Plasma Pack.