BloodGDX New Features for mappers
[Feb 03 2019]

The following features was made by me (NoOne) and it's support started since BloodGDX 0.800. At the moment of writing this text none of features from this list compatible with other ports or DOS version of Blood. As author i'm not against to add same features in all existing ports include Blood EX and NBlood. If authors is interesting, they can just mail me to or search for me in Discord channel dedicated to Blood.

I'm hope this help you to make your maps better than ever and turn map editing to the next level. Adding even more new features is planning as well. If you have any questions, problems, bug reports or suggestions, you may use contacts above to talk with me. The same you can do if you want to update, for example, my "perfect" english in this documentation.

List of vanilla blood features updated in GDX


For using new GDX Types you will need any PMAPEDIT version (latest recommended) with "Unlock hidden types" patch enabled. At the moment of writing this text, adding names for gdx types in 2d mode list is planned. Until it's done, you may use Alt+T combination and enter lo-tag (type) manually. To download PMAPEDIT, please visit

... To be continued ...